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Google people search has been a growing term used in search engines in the last few years by users adding the name "Google" to the phrase "people search". A good source for finding people but can be limited by how a person might be presented online or where.

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The search used here is from Google and is flavored to favor sites of the people search and records variety, other results are not excluded. This is the one page where results open in the site but the advice listed here can be reached by using the back button or the convenient link in the left menu.

Advice for using Google: As a people search engine, Google results can be manipulated according to how you expect results. Keep in mind that the internet sites won't all think the way you'd think they would or read things the same. Private sites may not list names while email addresses might be accessible.
  • To be specific, Use quotes around the request term (query) to find that exact order and combination in web pages. example: "John Johnson" because without the quotes, you could get results for Johnson John instead.
  • To combine terms that you want found together, adding the plus/addition (+) symbol between quoted phrases does the trick. example: "John Johnson"+"Dallas, Texas", again, without the quotations, you might get John Dallas from Johnson Texas or worse.
  • Try loose terminology that someone might be associated with. If John is a dentist, a few different phrases could be used. example: "John Johnson"+"Dentist", "John Johnson Dentistry", Johnson DDS and more specifically, "John Johnson DDS and tons more.
  • More detailed information can be found if you can tolerate the tediousness that might be included. Different combinations and using what you can gather from the other search pages linked on the upper left side will give you more to go on to fuel further searches.
  • Keep notes about everything, even those bits you think are false, start a favorites folder of bookmarks if necessary to keep track of the places you've visited, sometimes the most obscure references can mean more than obvious ones.

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